To provide an educational model to train a team of Penicillin Testing Champions to administer and interpret penicillin allergy skin testing. Once trained, the PTC Team is qualified to train additional staff.

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STEP #1: Identify Your Penicillin Skin Testing Champions (PTC)

#1: Identify Your Penicillin Skin Testing Champions (PTC)

Typically 5-7 individuals, which may include a variety of providers:
      Medical Assistants
      Medical Residents
      Nurse Practitioners
      Physician's Assistants
      Registered Nurses
      Pharmacists *
          * Contact your State Board of Pharmacy & comply with state laws for test administration
Additional points to consider:
      Individual’s scope of practice
      Individual's availability to administer 1-hour test
      Individual's willingness to educate others
STEP #2: PTC Completes Online Training Module

 #2: PTC Completes Online Training Module




Approximately 45-minute eLearning session, including:
      Video demonstration
      Literature review
      Completion quiz
A certificate is provided upon completion
      Store in employee file
STEP #3: PTC Participates in PRE-PEN® In-service Training

#3: PTC Participates in PRE-PEN® In-service Training

90-minute hands-on training with live product


It is recommended that trainees practice both scratch and intradermal administration a minimum of 3 times on one another with saline to demonstrate proper technique
      This can be documented on the competency form


Completion of competency form
      Store in employee file
STEP #4: PTC Successfully Administers a Minimum of 3 Patient Tests

#4: PTC Successfully Administers a Minimum of 3 Patient Tests

It is recommended these tests are performed within 8 weeks of training
      Tests must be negative or positive
      Indeterminate tests do not count toward requirement
Upon test completion, PTC should know how to:
      Remove/edit allergy documentation
      Communicate results to both the prescribing physician and the patient

Once the above requirements are satisfied, the Penicillin Testing Champion may now provide hands-on training to additional providers. Annual re-certification may be achieved by successfully performing a penicillin allergy skin testing that is witnessed by another PTC. Educational materials are available for support and continuing education.

Online Training

To get full training benefits, please review each section of the training modules including video portions and answer the questions following each section to the best of your ability.
At the end of the training, there will be resources available for future reference. Press the button below to begin the training.


Instructions for Supply Management and Test Preparation


Instructions for Conducting and Interpreting Penicillin Allergy Skin Testing

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