Known Information

  • Penicillin skin testing is a novel way to reduce use of broad spectrum antibiotics and can have a significant and immediate impact on antibiotic usage.3
  • The National Quality Partners’ Antibiotic Stewardship Action Team recommends penicillin allergy skin testing as a component of a comprehensive antibiotic stewardship program.5
  • A number of medical centers have used penicillin skin testing (many using only penicilloylpolylysine and penicillin G as skin test reagents) in patients with a history of penicillin allergy to reduce the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics and improve use of antibiotic selections.1
  • PST frequently allowed for less expensive agents that would have been avoided due to a reported allergy.6

Penicillin allergy testing as soon as possible after admission is important to derive the maximum benefit of knowing whether a person is truly allergic to penicillin-class antibiotics.4

Patients claiming a penicillin allergy (compared to control subjects) had1:


Higher Incidence of C. difficile


Higher Incidence of MRSA


Higher Incidence of VRE Infections

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