Penicillin Allergy Skin Testing Resources and Training

Training Resources (PDF Download)

Once your penicillin allergy skin testing implementation strategy is in place, we offer in-service training. You should plan to include the staff members who will conduct the testing, as well as any additional personnel who may be included in the testing implementation (pharmacy, physicians, etc.) Follow the steps below for a successful training:

  1. Purchase PRE-PEN® (benzylpenicilloyl polylisine USP) boxes and meet minimum requirements to have an In Service training.
  2. Communicate with your Business Development Executive or local representative to schedule a date and time for a 1-2 hour training.
  3. Purchase all testing supplies so you are ready for training and immediate implementation.
  4. Once training is complete, educate physicians and staff on penicillin testing capabilities and new protocols.
  5. Encourage testing staff to utilize the online penicillin testing training module for continuing education or to expand testing staff.

Additional Resources

On demand interactive training modules, instructional videos, patient education, and support materials are available to assist you in implementation and support of a penicillin allergy skin testing program.

Contact for implementation support and to schedule your in-service training.


Access our interactive training modules to see important information, watch demonstration videos and assess your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each module. Training is available on your schedule and at your convenience. A certificate of completion is available. Click here to access online training.


See the penicillin allergy skin test from start to finish with this comprehensive video review of the methods for conducting and interpreting penicillin allergy skin tests. Click here to view training video. DVDs are available upon request.


Once you have committed to implementing penicillin allergy testing, ALK will conduct on-site training for your staff. This includes a review of the importance of validating a penicillin allergy, hands-on training use active products and a skills assessment.


To assist your facility after training, ALK has developed an extensive library of documentation. These support materials are designed to help staff stay up-to-date on testing technique, necessary supplies, protocol development, and patient education.